7 Skin Care Myths

7 Skin Care Myths….

Myth # 1: It's all in the genes…

Reality: “Good genes aren’t a free pass to flawless skin…”

Although genetic predisposition may be a factor in the makeup of our skin, we are still unique in how we treat our skin on a daily basis. Keeping our skin health, hydrated, and blemish-free requires a conscious effort to do what’s in the best interest of your skin.

Myth # 2: Daily exfoliation keeps the skin young…..

Reality: Frequent exfoliation without providing nutrients can thin out the skin

The reality about daily exfoliation is that you can over-exfoliate, which in turn can lead to the skin thinning out; increased skin irritation; and/or photo-sensitivity.

Myth # 3: Vitamin C is all you need for the skin….

Reality: It’s not the only solution for healthy, glowing skin

The key to healthy skin lies within the deep skin layers. As such, the premise behind Vitamin C is increasing collagen synthesis at the cellular level. Clayton Shagal is the only product I know of that takes it a step further by implanting collagen fibrils to fortify the dermal layer with its collagen. Try the Collagen Gel or Collagen Plus for those who are over 40. You can find these products in my webstore.

Myth # 4: “I’m too young for collagen”

Reality: Preventive care helps minimize the need for intensive repair later.

With every passing year, the skin slows down its natural production of collagen. We don’t notice it in our mid-20’s. However, it’s generally in our mid-30’s that we seriously consider a proper skin care regiment.

Myth # 5: More is always better…..

Reality: More is NOT necessarily better

The skin can only absorb so much at a given time. When using Clayton Shagal Collagen and Elastin products, follow the 60 second rule. If it takes longer that a minute to penetrate, then you’re applying too much!

Myth # 6: Moisturizers are all the same….

Reality: Ingredients make the difference in performance

Moisturizers generally help hydrate the skin surface layers, but ingredients make the real difference. Those loaded with antioxidants work best against free radicals. Find out more about what makes you cream special

Myth # 7: Skin care is just for women

Reality: Skin is skin, no matter the gender

Men are more conscious about skin care than ever. They’re realizing that they too are not exempt from the aging process.